Barry Humphries is our masterful emcee and diva Meow Meow our chanteuse in this risque and sophisticated tribute to the jazz-infused music of the Weimar Republic.

Cabaret’s golden age: the period in 1920s and 30s Berlin when hedonism and social revolution turned nightclubs into decadent hotbeds. Reawakening that spirit in this revelatory concert, our hosts accquaint us with oft-forgotten composers of the time, many Jewish, whose art would be condemned as ‘degenerate’ by the Nazis.

Best known as Dame Edna Everage, Humphries sets aside his alter ego to share his passion for an era that fascinates him. His irreverant asides provide interludes to songs and instrumentals, including Kurt Weill standards and rarities from Friedrich Hollaender, played live by London’s Aurora Orchestra.